Compensate your visit at Shift Business Festival

In order to fulfil human rights all over the world it is vital to take into account adaptation and mitigation to climate change. We, at Hope Fund offer a new way for companies to collaborate by impacting to climate change and while doing so we want to give hope in the fight against one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Those who suffer most from the impacts of climate change are least responsible for it. Therefore, it is fair that we take responsibility of our actions. By investing in Hope Fund, you can compensate the carbon emissions of your activities and at the same time help those suffering most from the impacts of climate change adapting to it.

We offer all SHIFT participants the possibility to compensate the emissions of your transport to the event either online beforehand or in the event at Hope Fund’s stand. Choose whether you arrive to the event by car, bus or train and the length of your journey and your compensation amount will be calculated for you. You can trust that with your investment your emissions will be offset in our community-based and human rights -based reforestation projects.

Statement of collection: Fundraising permission RA/2016/517, valid 1.1.2017- 31.12.2019, whole Finland. Fundraising permission ÅLR 2018/7388, valid 2019, Aland. The raised funds will be used for Felm´s (Suomen Lähetysseura) work abroad in 2019-2021.

Offsetting of carbon emissions from transport

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